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Projects: Website/Print/Social – Vote Alice


VoteAlice (political campaign)
When Alice Howard decided to run for county council in Beaufort County, SC, she turned to me for advice on website design/contents and social media presence. I customized a premium, mobile-friendly WordPress theme because she wanted to de-emphasize fundraising; her goal with the site was campaign awareness, not fundraising. I rewrote copy and optimized images to be web-friendly. I set up her Facebook page and Twitter account and helped manage those accounts as well.

In addition, I designed her door hangers, which were an integral part of her walk-the-district campaign, and a campaign logo.

When: Third and fourth quarters, 2014


She defeated the incumbent, 60-40, and was sworn in January 2015.

Campaign logo

Campaign logo, Alice Howard

Mockup- above the fold

Design mockup - "above the fold"

Design mockup

Website design mockup

Post-election thank you

Post-election website thank you


Door hanger proof

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